Lucien Chen

Level Designer, King

Lucien Chen has been a Game Designer over 6 years, he was a game designer at EA, Sony PlayStation VR, Storm 8 and CastAR (now called Tilt Five). He has worked on a variety of projects from Hardcore to Casual on Mobile, Console, VR, and AR. Experience of working across different types of platforms helps him to create games that can inspire and influence players, designers or anyone. Now he is a Level Designer at King and working on creating new experiences for Candy Crush Soda Saga and finding creative solutions for the Candy Crush design team to produce better and engaging gameplay experience.

Sessions by Lucien Chen

Blockers: Analyzing Difficulty Drivers in Candy Crush Games

Day 1 (UTC+8) - 13:00 - 14:00
Language: Mandarin/Chinese

At King, we see blockers as enemies in our casual games that are similar to traditional enemies in hardcore games. It is very common to use stats to breakdown enemies in hardcore games. So why don't we have a system to breakdown the blockers in match-3 puzzle games? Here at King, we have created a new set of stats for blockers that can be used as a common design language across all of our studios. The new set of stats helps designers, artists, producers, developers, and even players to better understand a blocker's behavior and helps us design them in the game.

Game and level designers who are interested in designing new blockers in their match-3 game who are looking for inspiration, methods, and guidelines that they can start with.