Ping-Cheng Yeh (Benson)

Professor, NTU EE; CEO, PaGamO/BoniO Inc.

Prof. Yeh has pioneered many educational experiments and designs. In 2016, he received the highest award for innovators in Taiwan, the Presidential Innovation Award. He also developed PaGamO, the first-ever multi-studenti game for any general courses in 2013. It received the Overall Award and E-Learning Award in Wharton-QS 2014 Stars Awards: Reimagine Education, the "Oscars" of innovations in higher education. Since 2010, Prof. Yeh has been the strong advocator of his teaching philosophy: “For the students, By the students, Of the students". It states that students can be motivated to learn if the teachers can share more responsibility with the students, for instance, let students design their own homework problems. Prof. Yeh’s speeches have motivated tens of thousands of teachers in Asia to start thinking differently in teaching.

Sessions by Ping-Cheng Yeh (Benson)

如何真正引起學生動機? BTS + P2P 遊戲翻轉教學

Day 2 (UTC+8) - 15:40 - 16:40
Language: Mandarin/Chinese

我們還如何讓學生有動機學習?這是現代的老師最大的挑戰。葉丙成教授發展了一系列的方法,運用 Peer 的力量來激勵學生,同時開發遊戲化的教育科技搭配,徹底實現他的教學哲學:「For the student! By the student! Of the student!」