Stone Librande

Lead Designer, Riot Games

Stone Librande, a Lead Designer at Riot Games, has worked in the video game industry for over 20 years on games such as SimCity, Spore, and Diablo 3. In addition to his full-time job creating video games, he also teaches game design courses at Carnegie Mellon University’s ETC program and runs design seminars around the world. An avid board game inventor, he recently published, "Alakazam! The Game of Dueling Wizards" with Chronicle Books.

Sessions by Stone Librande

Play it on Paper

Day 1 (UTC+8) - 09:30 - 10:30
Language: English (accompanied with Mandarin/Chinese subtitles.)

In the early phases of game development ambiguity is high. To keep your team moving forward, it is important to efficiently articulate problems, analyze them thoroughly, and propose solutions. During his 20 year career as a game designer, Stone has created numerous paper prototypes to achieve these goals. In this talk, he will share a simple framework for rapidly creating paper prototypes and show real world examples from his work at Blizzard, Maxis, and Riot.

This talk is intended for Game Designers that wish to learn practical tips for breaking down large problems into manageable chunks. By using paper prototypes early in the process, designers can quickly communicate concrete ideas to the team, while avoiding time and resource costs associated with software engineering.