Hsueh-Tsung Kuo

Backend developer, Rayark Inc.
  • Backend developer from Rayark Inc.
  • Main and almost the only one backend developer of the rhythm game VOEZ.
  • Supplemental developer of the puzzle RPG Sdorica -sunset-.
  • Test server performance and advise tuning direction for Soul of Eden
  • One of Rayark's common services developers

Sessions by Hsueh-Tsung Kuo

Important updates come. But server cannot run...

Day 2 (UTC+8) - 14:50 - 15:20
Language: Mandarin/Chinese

When launching a game server, we often get into problems such as: security fixes, machine replacements, cloud platform upgrades, or even program runtime incompatible changes, to force us to rebuild game servers for the new runtime environment. However, what should we do when server rebuilding failed?
In this talk, the speaker will share the possible landmines you might encounter when updating game servers. From preventing the issues in the first place to fixing them after the fact, we will discuss strategies and choices of server structures one by one.
Hope these experiences would help backend developing newbies so they could develop and maintain game servers smoothly, and senior backend developers could share and discuss different experiences with the speaker.